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Blossom Dearie(vocals and piano) and her various bands on (almost)every song she ever wrote! A two CD set, 33 tracks! Special Sale Price

Disc One:

1. I'm Shadowing You 2. Saving My Feeling for You 3. Sunday Afternoon 4. Somebody New 5. I Like You, You're Nice 6. Baby, You're My Kind 7. Home 8. Hey John 9. You Have Lived in Autumn 10. Flame to Fire 11. Many's the Time 12. Isn't That the Thing to Do? 13. Sweet Georgie Fame 14. Pretty People 15. You'll Never Lose the Love You Gave to Me 16. Who Knows All the Answers? 17. A Paris

Disc Two:

1. Winchester in Appleblossom Time 2. Touch the Hand of Love 3. Love Is an Elusive Celebration 4. Sweet Surprise 5. Summer Is Gone 6. Bring All Your Love Along 7. I Never Say Goodbye 8. I Know My Lines 9. Bobby and Me 10. Stay and Love My Blues Away 11. For People Like You and Me 12. Lovin' in the Present Tense 13. You Taught Me Everything I Know 14. After Me 15. The One Who Loves the Most 16. What Time Is It for Us My Love?

Blossom Dearie Blossom's Own Treasures - Audio CDs

SKU: BMD119-120
$15.99 Regular Price
$7.99Sale Price
  • Sealed Audio CD.

  • Returns/Refunds Accepted on Unopened CDs only. 

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