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           Daffodil Records

                               Blossom Dearie founded Daffodil Records because, as she put it, the music business became a giant cash register,                                 and there was no care or effort in crafting and promoting her albums. There had to be a way to record the music                                   she wanted to, and get it to her fans directly. Simply put, Blossom Dearie could do it better herself.  And she did.  

  In fact, Blossom was the first female founder of a successful independent label. 45 years later, Daffodil is still going!

  The Daffodil Records back catalog contains over a dozen full albums, plus singles and bonus tracks never released, and they are all   being remastered and reissued.  For now please find our releases on iTunes. The complete catalog will be released in CD and in    

  some cases vinyl format over the coming months.

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Your favorite Blossom Dearie Songs Remastered!

The Daffodil Records

Singles Collection

On iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer and CDBaby Worldwide!

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